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Grief Recovery Workshop

By Carver Brown

Now this is just an opinion, but I feel that the best therapists are those who have done and are still doing their own personal work. I believe we are all in recovery from something and that continued personal examination is the way to freedom. Therefore, I was delighted to be asked to host a Grief Recovery Workshop for the staff at Killebrew Psychological Services. This spoke so deeply to me about the commitment they are making to their clients by doing their own personal work. What a gift this is to themselves and their clients that they took the time out of busy schedules to do some personal exploration and healing.

And it could not have been more delightful! What an honor to be asked to lead this special workshop that has become a passion project for me. I was led to this work when I was taken through this Grief Recovery process and the results for me were astonishing. The newly found clarity about my loss gave me a new perspective and a feeling of closure that had previously escaped me. And this experience is what I have encountered each time I have been asked to share this process and the encounter with the staff at KPS was no exception.

The team did the work and were engaged and supportive. We kept the process lighthearted but genuine and as a result there was some laughter and there were some tears. All in all, I was so proud of these gifted professional because they brought their hearts. They looked carefully and longingly at a loss and allowed the workshop to bring them to clarity and an understanding that is easy to miss. One of my takeaways was that we never complete our healing. From now on I will be striving to more fully understand my losses and carry this healing practice to as many as I can.

That being said, if you dear reader have a loss you would like to examine or feel you are not living in your fullest potential of joy, then I suggest you contact Killebrew Psychological Services and book your own journey into the healing clarity of Grief Recovery. Until then, peace to you.

— Carver Brown

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